Abinesh M
1 min readNov 16, 2023

Hi Heckerss!!

Just launched 🚀 my latest project "Do it ToDay" 📅✅

📝 "Do it ToDay" - Task Management Application 🚀🌟

Do it ToDay is a user-friendly application designed to help users manage their daily tasks efficiently and stay organized. With a simple interface, users can quickly input their tasks, and mark them as completed.

Link - https://2it.netlify.app

📌 Features:
✅ Simple To-Do List
✅ Reminders Every 45 Minutes ⏰
✅ Dark Mode Option 🌙
✅ Mobile-Friendly Design 📱
✅ Completely Ad-Free 🚫

🎯 How to Use:

1. 📲 Visit the "Do it ToDay" application - https://2it.netlify.app

2. ✍️ Input Your Tasks: Start by typing your tasks in the provided input field.

3. ✔️ Mark as Completed: Once you've completed a task, simply tap the task. The task will be moved to the completed section with the strike.

4. 🗑️ If you want to delete the task, click the end of the task it will show the delete option to delete.

⏰ Reminder: Once the task is added application will automatically send a reminder every 45 minutes until the task is marked as complete or deleted.

🔐 Completely private🤐

Suggestions are welcome 🤝

Reach out to me, If you have any queries 🤝

👔 LinkedIn: Abinesh M

📱 Instagram: Abi_Hecker